Como añadir o editar productos en una tienda online Woocommerce

To Add new producto go to Product > Add New. If you want to edit one product go to all products

Use a product name

Assign one or several categories

Assign images. You can have any size you want, but if you want all them to look similar use this size 700×1050 pixels

If it is a single product, with no variations like size and colour, select simple product, and assign price and stock

If it is a variable product create or assign if they are already created the attributes needed (size, colour…). Then go to variations and create a variation with price for every possibility.

Once you’ve totally finished with one language go to translations, on the right hand side column,  and click on + symbol to translate

Translate here. You can use the > buttons to copy text and html from English, to make the process simpler.

Very important, once you’ve finished, mark ‘translation is complete’ and save